Melora Kuhn
Young IndianEldoradoBorder PatrolSketch for Border PatrolThe story of Mary SabinaAfter ManetPhoto BoothThe Wolf's CrySally's Mark on TomGypsy RitesHercule's DreamHall of MirrorsJackson's PromiseThe Interior ChamberCaptain Cook's TravelsHer Permanent Mark on HimCowboyAfter an AgeBefore AnotherBroken PrinceEdmund's DreamThe little WindowNatchezHis Father's FrownMarion's Mark on GeorgeTheir Chance EncounterBlue TieUntitled (From the stain series)Untitled I (from the stain series)Untitled II (from the stain series)His Mark on HerThe Drawing RoomThe LobbyLandscape BroachEscapeRed Fox
Reconstructing Histories